Frozen Food (19)

Acai Puree with Guarana Bucket 3.2kg
Acai Puree with Guarana 1 Liter
AL Zain Frozen Chicken 1200gm
Amul Cheese Onion Pocket 300gm
AL Zain Frozen Chicken 1000gm
Al Zain Frozen Chicken Thighs 1000gm
AL Zain Frozen Chicken 700gm
Al Zain Breaded Chicken Fingers  350gm
Acai Pure Pulp with Guarana sachet 100 grams
Al Zain Frozen Chicken Gizzard 450gm
Acai Organic Pulp Pure sachet 100 grams
Green Giant Mixed Vegetables with Corn 450gm
Tomex Leaf Spinach 2.5 Kg
Delight Sweet Corn 400gm
Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip 1L
Green Giant Green Peas 900gms
Baskin Robbins Chocolate Mouse Royal 1L
Baskin Robbins Chocolate 1L
Al Zain Breaded Chicken Popcorn 275 gm